“You could talk about it”: this is how Watzke thinks about a job at DFL

“Could you talk about that”
This is how Watzke thinks about a job at DFL

Hans-Joachim Watzke directs the luck of Borussia Dortmund. In the future, however, he could have another employer: the German Football League. An application for the position of chairman of the supervisory board is not excluded. But it leaves clear guidelines.

Borussia Dortmund managing director Hans-Joachim Watzke has not ruled out an application for the position of chairman of the supervisory board of the German Football League (DFL). In an interview with the “Welt am Sonntag”, the 62-year-old confirmed that Peter Peters is currently the chairman of the DFL supervisory board, “and there are currently no vacancies. If something changes in this basic situation at any time, You could talk about it, because of course I have a certain sense of responsibility towards German football and if there was a lot of unanimity and the framework conditions were right, I would not refuse to do so, “said Watzke.

In the DFL, the election of the supervisory board must take place in August of next year. Acting chief controller Peters is also a possible candidate for the election of a new president of the German Football Association (DFB); Most recently, the 59-year-old left an open application. The DFB wants to elect a successor to President Fritz Keller, who resigned in mid-May, on March 11. In media reports, Watzke was last named as Peters’ possible successor to the league association’s supervisory body.

“I already know that I can have certain skills that could help in one place or another, and have a network that is in demand in the league sometimes,” Watzke said. Clubs would have to adapt to “that certain points of view in football would not yet be negotiable for me”, added the BVB coach: “50 + 1 for example. I am a passionate defender of this rule and will always defend it.”

Almost two weeks ago, Eintracht Frankfurt’s board of directors spokesman Axel Hellmann asked Watzke and Oliver Kahn of FC Bayern to take over responsibility in the DFL. After the retirement of former boss Christian Seifert, other people would have to get more involved, Hellmann said at SpoBis in Düsseldorf.

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