UK ‘credibility’ at stake, Macron judge

The French president returned to post-Brexit disputes over Northern Ireland’s fishing licenses and protocol in an interview with Financial times.

French President Emmanuel Macron estimated that the “credibility” The UK was at stake in post-Brexit disputes over fishing licenses and the Northern Ireland Protocol, in an interview with Financial times Posted Friday night.

“Make no mistake, this concerns not only Europeans but all their partners. Because when you spend years negotiating a treaty and a few months later you do the opposite of what is decided in the aspects that are least convenient for you, it is not a great test of your credibility ”.he told the newspaper.

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As threats of retaliation merge on both sides of the Channel around fishing licenses in British waters, which Paris accuses London of not granting in sufficient quantities, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson are due to meet this weekend in Rome on the sidelines. of the G20.

Neither “provocation” nor “tension”

The French president assured that there have been none “provocation” neither “tension” on the subject of fishing rights, but “we must respect” each other and “Keep the word that you have been given”. While I thought it was a “Test of credibility” the British prime minister and his government, the French president said he was sure of the “goodwill” from United Kingdom.

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