Sony opens the Direct web store in Germany: can you buy PS5 (PlayStation 5) there? When in Belgium and the Netherlands?

In Germany, you can buy hardware and games directly from Sony via the PlayStation Direct store from Monday. Previously this was not possible and you had to go to a local retailer. The webshop will arrive, probably this year, in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.

At the end of last year, Sony was looking for a manager to lead the European PlayStation Direct store. That’s Sony’s own web store that already exists in the United States. The person in charge would work from the United Kingdom and would be the great boss of the different European web stores. Earlier this year, Sony announced its intention to launch its Direct store in 2021 in several European countries, including Benelux, France and the United Kingdom.

The first European is reserved for Germany. Starting Monday, you can go there for hardware, like DualSense controllers and Pulse 3D headsets, and games for PlayStation. In that case, you buy directly from Sony, without intermediaries.

PS5 not (yet)

At the time of writing this report, the web store is not yet available in our country. Although that would change very soon. For example, PlayStationDE writes on its Twitter account that it will soon be Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and the United Kingdom.

It remains to be seen if that is good news for the availability of PlayStation 5. At the launch of the German Direct store, the PS5 was not yet available. That’s insane, because it could have given the store launch a huge boost. Currently, Sony is still struggling with major production delays. This is due to the global shortage of semiconductors and chips. Because of this, they cannot produce enough PlayStation 5s to meet the huge demand.

What we do know is that in the United States, the PS5 will be available through PlayStation Direct. Consumers can sign up through a waiting list, which means that Sony sends out invitations to buy a console online. Only those who click the link in the email will be in the queue to purchase a unit. It is not known whether this system will also be used in Europe.

How long will the shortage last?

It may well be until 2022 before the chip shortage is fixed. At the moment, Sony is doing its best to have thousands of game consoles ready before the holidays. They even rent planes to save the long journey between factories in Asia and Europe. You can expect a new installment in the near future. Therefore, it is recommended to periodically check the retailers’ websites. You can also register through the button ‘keep me informed’ (aff.)

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