French fishermen block UK fish shipments | Abroad

The protesters have decided to spend the night at a checkpoint where British trucks carrying fish are being controlled on their way to Calais and Dunkirk, now that the UK has left the European Union. Fishermen set wooden pallets and car tires on fire to keep warm.

After learning of the planned action in the town of Boulogne-sur-Mer, several British truckers chose to take another route. According to French reporters, there were practically no British trucks in Boulogne on Thursday.
Some fishing vessels sailing under the British flag for Dutch companies have also decided to land their catch elsewhere. According to the port captain, the ships have been diverted to Belgian ports.

Fishing was one of the main points of contention in the Brexit negotiations between the European Union and the United Kingdom at the end of last year. The UK insisted on regaining full control of its own waters, while some EU member states wanted to enforce guarantees that their fishermen could continue to fish in UK waters. The final compromise between Brussels and London ultimately meant, among other things, that European fishermen gradually gave up a quarter of their quota over a transitional period of 5.5 years.

British fishermen, many of whom depend on exports to the EU, are also not satisfied with doing business after Brexit. Because they are reliant on express transport and border controls have been introduced since the UK left the EU, their livelihoods would also be at risk.

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