accused of favoritism, Boris Johnson was quick to explain

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure on Monday, November 8, to explain himself to MPs in the face of mounting accusations of favoritism against his Conservative government.

Scandals and outrage

Boris Johnson sparked outrage last week by supporting a reform of parliamentary rules to avoid sanctions against a Conservative MP criticized for his lobbying activities. The move was aimed at allowing any MP involved to defend themselves and appeal and also to prevent a Conservative Party member, Owen Paterson, from being suspended from Parliament. But it had turned into a political scandal and the Prime Minister had backed down.

His government had already been plagued by a recent scandal that highlighted dangerous links between power and business circles, particularly with regard to the awarding of equipment contracts to private companies in the context of the pandemic. On Sunday, a Sunday Times investigation with Open Democracy noted that nearly all of the 16 Conservative Party treasurers in the past 20 years have been offered a seat in the House of Lords, the upper house of Parliament made up of unelected members. , after having raised his training donations to more than 3 million pounds (3.5 million euros).

«The country has yet to hear a word of regret for his attempts (from Johnson) to create one rule for himself and his friends and another for everyone else. You must come to the House (of Commons) and ask for forgiveness.»Liberal Democrat deputy Wendy Chamberlain, a former police officer at the initiative of the debate, reacted on the BBC. «There are definitely conflicts of interest that need to be addressed.“She added. Her party called for an independent investigation into the corruption charges and”immoralityTargeting the executive.

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