Ledger announces support for Nano S +, debit card and NFT

During # LedgerOp3n, Ledger made several announcements: a new Nano S + crypto wallet, partnerships (Coinbase and FTX), NFT support, and a Visa debit card.

Ledger announces support for Nano S +, debit card and NFT

In the world of cryptocurrencies, the French ledger is one of the forerunners. Historically, the company has specialized in the design of crypto wallets. More generally, the startup focuses on cybersecurity-focused products that allow transactions to be carried out securely.

Ledger is one of the nuggets of the sector, the company has raised 380 million dollars -a still scarce amount in the French ecosystem- it has joined, among others, Doctolib, Blablacar or even Meero among the highest rated French startups.

# LedgerOp3n event announcements

Its CEO Pascal Gauthier, during the # LedgerOp3n event, which took place in Paris in December 2021, announced several new features. In detail, there is a new Nano S + that offers all the good things of the Nano S (launched in 2016) with a few more options, that is, more supported currencies, more applications too. Than a bigger screen. This device has more memory than the Nano X.

Ledger also mentioned non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can be managed from the Ledger Live platform. They also announced a Visa debit card issued in association with Banxx Group. The latter, called Crypto Life, allows its cryptos to be used around the world, with automatic conversion to fiat currency. Among the functions it offers, it will be possible to open lines of credit using its cryptos as collateral. In addition, you can receive a percentage of your salary in crypto.

The CB Ledger Crypto Life

The CB Ledger Crypto Life

It will be available in France, the UK, Germany and later the US. Among others, it will support various cryptos, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), as well as various US dollar stablecoins, but also Tether’s EURT EURT stablecoin. Ledger finally took advantage of the event to announce a partnership with two exchange platforms, Coinbase and FTX.

A major data breach in 2019

Nonetheless, Ledger has suffered a major data breach in recent months. The intruders stole files used by its marketing and customer service teams, which contained more than a million customer email addresses, as well as the names, addresses and phone numbers of a few thousand of them. Initially, this data was sold in fairly confidential markets. Then 6 months later, in December 2020, a person posted 270,000 lines of this file in a public forum.

Ledger handled the post-flight pretty well by communicating transparently, hiring a new safety director … But some smart kids have come up with a well-designed scam. Thanks to the user database, they mailed a fake ledger with a letter supposedly signed by CEO Pascal Gauthier, as well as a user manual. The aim of this scam was to recover personal information by tricking users into plugging this fake Ledger key into a PC.

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