Epic vs Apple: the battle continues in the UK

Game News Epic vs Apple: the battle continues in the UK

Remember, last summer, Tim Sweeney, the founder of Epic Games, pointed out and filed a complaint against Apple and Google’s AppStore and Google Play, stating that the two stores were not competitive. A legal battle that has since gained momentum since the different giants will be held accountable as of May 3, 2021 before the US court. However, Epic Games does not intend to stop there as the publisher now wishes to continue the battle on British soil.

After filing a complaint in the United States, then Australia, Epic Games intends to continue its fight against Apple and Google in the United Kingdom. This new complaint filed with the UK Competition Appeal Court obviously knows what we already know as it denounces once again the practices that Apple and Google carry out in their respective stores. Note that this new claim was made in late 2020, but it was revealed only a few hours ago.

The meeting between Epic Games and the Competition Court of Appeal will take place on January 21. Once again, the creator of Fortnite Battle Royale insists that he will not seek harm from the two American giants, but only wants to improve the mobile ecosystem. An initiative that has already paid off since Apple revised its commission rate in the App Store last November.

Remember that it all started on August 13, 2020, when Epic tried to bypass the AppStore payment system and especially its 30% commission by including a new payment method directly in its Fortnite game. A decision that obviously did not please Apple, which quickly chose to ban the Epic Games title from its gaming platform. A few days later, Tim Sweeney decided to file a complaint. The results of this legal battle will be issued by the US jury during the month of May.

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