With Liz Truss, the UK sinks into crisis

Liz Truss during a visit to the British Gas training academy in Dartford, Kent, as part of their plan to support Britons with energy bills which came into force on Saturday. PA Photos/PA Photos/ABACA

DESCRIPTION – The Prime Minister, who chairs the annual congress of her party, the Tories, is under fire from critics.

From our correspondent in London

After the annexation by Vladimir Putin of the Ukrainian territories, a British satirical site headlined that, in retaliation, the United Kingdom planned to place Liz Truss for a week at the head of the Russian economy… The “serious” press hardly shows more tender with the new prime minister. Minister, since the financial storm that it unleashed in its first steps. And she is under pressure and already weakened that she will preside over a Conservative party’s annual conference in Birmingham in a very somber mood.

For a British prime minister, a “honeymoon” has rarely been so short. Especially since all political life was frozen two weeks after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Launched before the announcement of the royal death, Liz Truss’s first political act had been well received as she released some £150bn to ease energy bills for British homes and businesses. She passed the period of mourning, Act II…

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