United Kingdom. After “objection” from Liz Truss, King Charles III will not go to COP27 in Egypt

Britain’s new ruler, Charles III, a longtime advocate for protecting the planet, was planning to deliver a speech at the climate COP27 in Egypt from November 6-18, according to the newspaper. sunday times.

But that was without taking into account the “objection” of the British prime minister, Liz Truss. Result: the monarch will remain in the UK. Indeed, the prime minister objected during a personal audience with the king at Buckingham Palace in September, the newspaper reported Saturday night.

“With all friendship and respect, there has been an agreement that the king will not be involved,” Buckingham Palace confirmed to the BBC on Sunday, although it appeared to dismiss rumors of tensions over the issue between the king and the prime minister. In the United Kingdom, official visits abroad by members of the royal family are carried out on the recommendation of the government.

“It is clear that this is a decision made by consensus by the king and the government,” Minister Simon Clarke reacted on Sunday. “As far as I know, it was an amicable decision … and the accusations that we would have forced (the king) to remain in the background are simply false,” he said on Times Radio.

The prime minister has no plans to travel to Egypt

However, this information comes at a delicate moment for the Prime Minister, in office for less than a month and already in crisis after the budget announcements turned into a financial fiasco.

And they send another bad signal about the new government’s environmental agenda when some already fear that Mrs Truss is backtracking on the country’s commitments in this area.

If Liz Truss repeats that the 2050 carbon neutrality goal is still relevant, she seems less enthusiastic about the issue than her predecessor Boris Johnson and has no plans to make the trip to Egypt.

In 2021, the COP26 in Glasgow was an opportunity for the UK to position itself as a pioneer in the fight against the climate crisis. Elizabeth II had sent a video message to world leaders gathered in the Scottish capital while Charles, then heir to the throne, and his son William were there.

“Can we really go from hosting COP26 to sidelining COP27?” Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood asked on Twitter. “King Charles is a respected voice on climate change and the environment, his involvement would add seriousness to the UK delegation. »

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