The new Ferrari undercarriage at Suzuka

( – Ferrari wants to increase the efficiency of its Formula 1 car with an underbody update for the Japanese Grand Prix. As the team looks for new successes after last weekend’s victory in Singapore, it is testing a revised setup at Suzuka.

Ferrari has new lows this weekend

Ferrari itself says that revisions to the front air deflectors, floor lip, center section and diffuser sidewall, along with a redesigned side pod cutout, are aimed at loss management and airflow distribution. load.

The official FIA document, which lists the updates of all ten teams on a race weekend, also says: “[Dies] “leads to an increase in vehicle efficiency.”

In addition to optimizing the underbody, the Scuderia uses the same low-drag wing configuration and main rear wing plane as the British Grand Prix to improve straight-line speed.

McLaren has brought a new spoiler…

Ferrari is not the only team that wants to reduce air resistance. McLaren also brought a new wing to Japan. Redesigned upper and lower elements reduce downforce and air resistance and better suit Suzuka’s requirements.

McLaren has also installed a packer on its sidepod, which helps improve local control of airflow to better meet cooling requirements.

…and Mercedes has revised the W14’s rear wing

AlphaTauri has also added more changes to its extensive Singapore Grand Prix upgrade package for the Japan race. The rear wing end plate connection has been revised to improve the overall efficiency of the package.

The team also removed three air deflectors from the mirror area as part of an experiment. This not only serves to reduce air resistance, but also affects the outwash effect that affects the front wheel.

The new brake ventilation can be seen on the Aston Martin in Japan…

Mercedes has made a small change to its rear spoiler, adding a contoured air deflector to the outside of the rear panel.

In the official FIA document, the team says: “This air deflector creates a small vortex, which in turn creates a small amount of downforce and local drag.”

…and also some new basses on the Williams

Aston Martin has revised and reduced the size of the front brake vents to better suit Suzuka’s cooling requirements, while Williams races with a modified underbody setup.

The height of the front interior air deflector has been reduced to relieve the load on this element, which affects the flow field at both the front and rear of the vehicle.

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