David Fuller admits to raping dozens of bodies, UK in crisis

The British Health Minister, Sajid Javid, announced on Monday, November 8, the opening of an independent investigation into the scandal of dozens of post-mortem sexual assaults in morgues recognized by a hospital electrician, signed David Fuller. The case exploded publicly last Thursday when 67-year-old David Fuller pleaded guilty to two murders dating back to 1987, as well as 44 post-mortem sexual assault offenses, a case unprecedented in the UK.

According to the Minister of Health, the researchers estimate the number of victims of these events at 100, of which 81 have been identified. In front of Parliament, he presented his “apologies to the friends and relatives of all the victims.” Soulignant qu’aucune excuse “n’enlèvera la douleur et la souffrance caused par ces infractions”, Sajid Javid a souligné that “nous avons devote d’examiner in detail ce that s’est passé et s’assurer that cella ne reproduces Never”.

Events committed between 2008 and 2020

The Minister of Health has thus announced the opening of an “independent investigation”, which in particular “will help us to understand how these infractions could have occurred without being detected in the past”, “to identify where the first measures of the part of the hospital center where the events occurred should have been taken ”to learn lessons at the national level.

The police investigation found that between 2008 and 2020 David Fuller “filmed and photographed himself sexually abusing the bodies of dozens of women and girls in two Tunbridge Wells hospital morgues,” British prosecutors said in this case on Thursday “without precedents in British judicial history “.

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