Fischer dispute with Great Britain: France threatens electricity boycott again

“We will not tell Jersey residents that they will not have electricity this winter,” French EU Secretary of State Clément Beaune said on BFM-TV on Friday. “But there may be specific measures in individual areas,” he added.

“You ruined Brexit”

The UK has not issued all the requested fishing licenses from French fishermen since Brexit. That has caused annoyance in France. So now he wants to get a message across to Britain, Beaune said: “You are gone, now stop telling us that you no longer need us,” he said.

“They ruined Brexit. That was their decision and their failure, not ours,” he added. “They can’t solve their supply problems with Christmas turkeys … by beating up our fishermen,” Beaune scoffed.

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A few months ago the conflict had escalated. For a brief period, even military ships moved.

Britain dependent on electricity supply

The power supply is a sensitive subject for the British. Britain mainly receives nuclear power from France through two major compensation lines, also to achieve the climate target. By law, the British have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the country to zero by 2050.

The dispute is part of a series of upsets between Paris and London. More recently, the security pact of Great Britain, Australia and the United States triggered a deep diplomatic crisis. Because: The pact broke a billion dollar submarine agreement between Australia and France.