The suspect and China deny the facts.

A UK parliamentary researcher, whose identity has not been revealed, was arrested on Monday on suspicion of spying for the Chinese government. However, he categorically denies being a Chinese spy and maintains his innocence. The case raises questions, but the precise details of the ins and outs are still unclear…

“It is essential to know that I am completely innocent”here are the words of the parliamentary investigator, espionage suspect in favor of China. He reacted sharply to the media accusations and stated: “I feel compelled to respond to media accusations that I am a ‘Chinese spy’. It is wrong to be forced to make a public comment on the false information that has been circulating.”

For a week, the matter has shaken the British Ministry, because the arrest has not only attracted the attention of the media, but also of the most high political authorities. Thus, the president of the House of Commons, Mr Lindsay Hoyleassured parliamentarians that the Chamber follows control procedures similar to those of the government and that the “Parliamentary security collaborates effectively with the competent authorities”. He warned MPs not to discuss the matter in the House and stressed the need to preserve the integrity of investigations in progress.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons

But who is this suspicious British investigator?

The man, in his twenties, would have had ties with high-ranking political figures, including the Minister of Security, Tom Tugendhat, or the president of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Alice Kearns. A story that contaminates British security protocol as it raises questions about the way the British government manages its relations with China.

At the moment, Any information Nothing has been revealed about the man, whether it is his nationality, his name or his actual position. The Sunday Times reveals, however, that another man, aged in his thirties, was arrested in Oxfordshire on the same day.

Sir Lindsay says both men have been released. out on bail until early October. Both men are suspected of having committed crimes under Article 1 of the Official Secrets Act of 1911, which punishes crimes considered “detrimental to the security or interests of the State.”

A situation that weakens relations between China and the United Kingdom

China’s reaction to the announcement of the arrest is surprising to say the least, with a categorical denial, accompanied by a kind of accusation. According mao ningspokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “The so-called espionage in the United Kingdom is non-existent” and is part of a campaign to “fake news” and a “China’s malicious framing”.

The Chinese embassy in London also issued a statement yesterday calling the incident a “completely done” and “nothing but malicious slander”. He also urged British lawmakers to “end anti-China political manipulation”.

On the British side, the former Lord Chancellor and Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammondtook a realistic position on “claiming that China was involved in espionage”while stressing the importance of “react strongly”. He advocated maintaining economic and trade ties with China, thus avoiding a complete breakdown of relations. The fictional Labor Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper, spoke of the need for a comprehensive strategy to address the risks posed by other States. She emphasized that “The relationship with China was complex”with concerns related to human rights and China’s role in the world, while insisting on the priority to protect national security.

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