RBC cuts Rentokil forecasts due to crisis in the United States; stocks fall -October 20, 2023 at 5:55 pm

Rentokil Initial plc is one of the world’s leading providers of general business services. The turnover is broken down by activities as follows: – distribution of sanitary hygiene, rodent control and disinfestation products (72.6%): distributors of liquid soaps and paper towels, towels, hand dryers, rugs, deodorants, disinfectants, insecticides, anti-parasites, etc. ; – offer of hygiene and well-being products and services (22.1%): deep cleaning and disinfection services, air treatment and purification, clinical waste management, design, installation and maintenance of plants and floral decorations, etc. intended for schools, public buildings, hotels, airports, healthcare establishments, industrial companies, etc. ; – manufacture, sale and rental of work clothes (5.2%). Additionally, the group provides laundry services to restaurants, hotels, hospitals and commercial organizations; – others (0.1%). The geographical distribution of turnover is as follows: United Kingdom (8%), United States (48.1%), France (9.1%), Australia (4.5%), India (1.6%), Spain (1.5%) and others (27.2%). %).

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