Queen Camilla’s misstep: the Palace takes unusual measures

Last week, Camilla was allowed to attend the opening of Parliament for the first time as queen.Image: The Sun Pool/AP / Arthur Edwards


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Camilla has been Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland for more than a year. She was first at the side of King Charles III. Queen Consort, she has officially been Queen Camilla since her joint coronation in May.

Since then, Camilla’s every move has been monitored and evaluated in public. When she recently fought the wind as she descended the stairs of her plane during a state visit to France, she immediately made headlines. Already there it was noticed that the queen had to hold on to the railing of the plane stairs to keep from losing her balance.

To avoid embarrassing scenes for the queen in the future, the palace has apparently taken drastic measures.

Queen Camilla: unusual support

Last week there was an important date on the agenda for Charles and Camilla. The Queen accompanied her husband to the opening of Parliament, where Charles presented the government’s plans. Traditionally, the two traveled in the Golden State Carriage, a pompous carriage.

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And this is said to have caused headaches among palace employees. Like Ffion Haf for the “daily mail” he writes, there was concern that getting out of the carriage could become a problem.

The palace decided to take a strange measure with little notice: A railing on the side of the carriage was meant to provide safety for Camilla. The journalist also reports that the staff who greeted Camilla upon her arrival were trained to be able to catch Camilla in an emergency if the queen trips.

The fact that the palace chose a railing that Camilla can hold onto may also have something to do with court protocol. As a result, no one is allowed to offer help to Camilla unless she actively indicates that she wants it. Haf writes in his text:

“So, while the servants wait to catch her, it seems that Camilla’s dignity has been preserved.”

On the one hand, the railing gives the queen security, but on the other it also protects her from the embarrassing situation of having to ask for help herself.

Camilla’s shoe choice fuels speculation

Another point that could indicate that the queen doesn’t feel completely safe from time to time: Camilla prefers to wear flat shoes over high heels. As Haf points out, Camilla would opt for high heels whenever possible.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Camilla has balance problems from time to time. After all, the queen is already 76 years old. Obviously, the palace has been looking for ways to resolve the situation as discreetly as possible and has probably found them.

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