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Wilo Introduces the Rexa Mini3 to drain rainwater, groundwater, and wastewater into sewers. Optimized hydraulics give the sewage pump maximum efficiency and require minimal maintenance according to the manufacturer.

Optimized hydraulics

“The oil chamber with two oil seals, the mechanical seal and the robust rubber cable connections extend maintenance intervals,” explains Wilo Product Manager Olivier Armbruster. “In addition, it minimizes maintenance time thanks to direct access to both the seal chamber and the pump casing.”

uponrational safety and reliability

The pump housing is made of particularly resistant gray cast iron with a G 1½ pipe connection. The flexible float switch and a specially developed vortex impeller also contribute to the reliability of the pump. The completely corrosion-free plastic impeller allows the transport of a wide range of liquids, including aggressive substances. “The reliable vortex impeller prevents the pump from stalling,” says Olivier Armbruster.


The 40mm ball free passage makes the Rexa MINI3 impervious to liquids containing a large amount of solids or larger particles. The pump has a head of 13 meters and a flow rate of 22 m3/ h.

It combines a compact construction with a low weight. It is suitable for a stationary installation, for example in sewage wells, as well as for flexible use. The latter occurs, for example, during dewatering during excavation work, even in extremely narrow excavation pits. Protection class IP68 makes the pump suitable for wet installations and for flexible use in pump shafts.

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