King Charles jokes about his own mishap during public appearance

King Charles shows that he can laugh at himself too.Image: IMAGO/i Images


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King Charles always creates a strange moment at public events. Last year he was made fun of because he was upset because his pen wasn’t working. His gesture and grimace at the embarrassing moment generated numerous headlines. He was mocked on social media for his appearance.

He lost his temper at a reception in Northern Ireland in September 2022. Because the book signing didn’t go as he had imagined.

After Charles initially wrote the wrong date, the pen expired without further ado. “Oh God, I hate this,” he prompted. He then stood up and was visibly angry. His wife Camilla tried to calm him down and took the pen out of his hands. “I can’t stand this damn thing. What do they do every damn time?” he continued. The 74-year-old then reacted with great humor to the strange situation.

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Charles mocks a nervous breakdown during his performance

King Charles now took a speech as an opportunity to mock himself. In it she remembered his misstep with the pen. He “Mirror” He reported that he referred to it during his State of the Union address. First, he praised the positive contribution “that immigrants have made to British humour,” he said. He then praised British science and innovation. He hopes this can contribute to the challenge of global warming.

Finally, Charles said: “The British sense of humor is world famous. It’s not what we do. It’s who we are. “Our ability to laugh at ourselves is one of our great national characteristics.” Referring to his own crisis, which attracted a lot of media interest, he added: “That’s a good thing, you could say given some of the cases I’ve experienced in the last year with frustratingly failing fountain pens.”

This also explains the fact that when he visited Germany he had his own writing material with him when he wrote his name in the visitors’ book. In this way he avoided another embarrassing situation in advance. Now his appearance was more about “what makes our nation so special.” This obviously includes your own behavior.

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