Global Health: How Climate Protection Could Save Lives

Fighting climate change could vastly improve the health of the world’s population and thus save millions of lives in the long term, British scientists argue in a recent study. in the specialized journal “The Lancet Planetary Health”. The team played with nine major nations on the positive side effects it would have if it strictly followed the Paris Climate Agreement. This recommends limiting global warming well below two degrees compared to the pre-industrial era.

According to the study, strict adherence to climate targets would mean 1.18 million fewer premature deaths from air pollution and 5.86 million fewer from poor diet by 2040. Furthermore, it is estimated that 1.15 million fewer people would die prematurely because they got sick as a result of insufficient exercise. These figures were based on epidemiological models that make predictions about the frequency of cardiovascular disease based on the amount of fine dust in the air or eating habits.

The positive health effects could even increase, write the researchers led by Ian Hamilton of University College London in the study. If the emission reductions required by the Treaty of Paris are combined with an ambitious health policy, premature deaths in the countries examined could be reduced by another two million cases. For example, the researchers cite urban planning measures that make driving less attractive and encourage more people to get around on foot or by bike. It is also important to make healthy nutrition affordable and attractive to all walks of life.

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