Emmanuel Macron calls on States, especially “the largest emitters”, to fulfill their climate commitments

“The first objective is ambition, which is what a national strategy entails. We must all have national strategies that correspond to the definition of 1.5 degrees. France and, more generally, the European Union, the United Kingdom, are at the meeting point of this commitment ”, estimated the French president. “In addition to that, the key for the next fortnight is that the largest issuers, whose national strategies do not meet the 1.5 degree goal, raise their ambitions in the next fortnight. This is the only way to make our strategy more credible ”, judged.

“Second value, solidarity”, Emmanuel Macron continued. “We all experienced it during the pandemic, we can only overcome these international challenges if we are coordinated (…). This sthe poorest countries are suffering the first consequences of the climate crisis. (…) All developed economies must contribute their fair share, we must find all means for the richest countries to accelerate [cette aide]. »

The third value invoked by the French Head of State, “It is trust and transparency”.“Our young people want to see us make commitments, they want to see our actions and that they are measurable” he begged . “It is within our reach if we mobilize. (…) Everything that It will only move forward if we are consistent, if we manage to link this agenda with that of biodiversity and trade. (…).Our trade agreements must reflect our climate commitments ”,Emmanuel Macron concluded.

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