Boku, Inc. Announces Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Directors

Boku, Inc. announced that Meriel Lenfestey and Loren I. Shuster have been appointed as independent non-executive directors of the company effective immediately. Meriel Lenfestey will be named chair of the company’s compensation committee and will also be a member of the audit committee, while Loren I. Shuster will be a member of both the compensation committee and the audit committee. Meriel Lenfestey is an experienced customer-centric technology entrepreneur and consultant who has worked across multiple industries.

She has served on several boards of companies listed on the London Stock Exchange and is currently a non-executive director on the boards of International Public Partnerships Ltd, Bluefield Solar Income Fund Ltd. and Ikigai Ventures, as well as certain roles in the private sector and the third sector. Loren I. Shuster currently serves as Director of Human Resources and Director of Corporate Affairs within the LEGO Group Executive Leadership Team. Before joining the LEGO Group, she held senior sales and marketing positions at Google, and before that at Nokia and other multinationals.

Loren is also a board member of the UK Institute of Business Ethics. Meriel Catherine Lenfestey (52), Meriel Lenfestey is also known as Meriel Yates (maiden name). Lenfestey’s current directors or partnerships: Art for Guernsey, Alderney Air Services Limited, Bluefield Solar Income Fund Limited, Gemserv Limited, International Public Partnerships Limited, Ikigai Ventures Limited and JT Group Limited.

Previous directors: Arts for Impact, Exchange Platform Solutions Limited, Guernsey Enterprise Agency and MXC Capital Limited. Loren Ian Shuster(52) and Current Positions of Directors or Partners: Institute of Business Ethics.

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