ZDF journalist with nose ring causes stir: announcer reacts clearly

A journalist with a nose ring recently aired on ZDF. There were rapid discussions on social media.Image: IMAGO/Panama Pictures


September 28, 2023, 2:03 p.m.September 28, 2023, 17:39

Jennifer Ullrich

The dress code for television presenters and reporters is discussed from time to time, especially when a person appears on television who suddenly breaks a (supposed) rule. Last year, for example, Tagesschau spokesman André Schünke appeared without a tie in an evening edition of the news program.

“No breakdowns, but once again for me in the Tagesschau! For the first time in the history of Germany’s most famous news program: without a tie in the studio,” he explained personally on his Instagram account. In fact, it is now possible to do without a tie in the studio.

Now it is a ZDF journalist who is attracting attention: she recently appeared on camera with a ring in her nose. In response to Watson’s request, the station is commenting on possible guidelines for its employees.

Discussion about the ZDF reporter

Journalist and author Thomas Heise shared a screenshot of the ZDF reporter in question on X (formerly Twitter) and wrote simply: “Reporter with a nose ring at the ZDF.” In fact, you rarely, if ever, see people with visible piercings or tattoos on television. The reactions to the post are very different.

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“Quality journalism of the first order,” jokes, for example, a ZDF user. Many others, on the contrary, cannot understand the fuss surrounding the journalist at all and apparently are not bothered by the nose ring at all.

“I don’t find it at all pleasant either, but who cares?” one replies, and then even gets a little angry with Thomas Heise: “Leave him alone. What kind of stupid tweet is that?” is the announcement. In other places you can even read:

“Mr. Heise wants to go back to the 1950s.”

Several users react with humor to the observation (in their eyes, not even that spectacular). “Call the police immediately!” one person demands with a wink. Another user simply states: “The old man tweeted.”

Jewelry specifications at ZDF? That’s what the station says.

But what exactly is the situation in the ZDF? To what extent are piercings or tattoos allowed and what may no longer be okay? “There are no special rules for the wearing of jewelry by ZDF journalists,” a spokesperson for the channel clarified in response to Watson’s question.

However, there is a small restriction for employees: “The basic rule is: external appearance should not distract from the content”, the statement continues. Therefore, it is unlikely that we will soon see journalists with, for example, completely tattooed faces.

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