YouTube is the third largest consumer spending app of all time.

YouTube surpassed $ 3 billion in consumer spending on iOS alone.

The app was first launched in 2012 and the largest spending markets are the US, Japan, UK, Australia, and Canada. New trends and new uses of the platform such as the rise of video commerce, connected television and the effectiveness of new advertising formats are taking hold for the brand. The YouTube platform allows users to explore content from different topics, creators, artists, and channels, and uses personal recommendations to deliver new videos to its users. YouTube’s platform takes advantage of some of the fast-growing areas: streaming, content creation and sharing, multi-topic exploration, and community engagement.

YouTube surpassed $ 3 billion in consumer spending worldwide as of October 18, 2021, powered entirely by iOS. Demand for content has grown steadily over the past decade and accelerated during the pandemic. Therefore, consumers are increasingly turning to applications to view and stream content. In recent months, YouTube ranked third in terms of overall consumer spending (among apps other than video games), as of October 2021, thanks solely to its iOS revenue.

Third app of all time

Interestingly, YouTube is not only the third all-time app for total consumer spending on app stores, but also the number one live streaming app for spending (combined on iOS and Google Play). Until October 10, 2021).

The application also allows users to create and upload videos directly within the application and interact with an audience in real time via live streaming directly from the application; It’s no wonder it’s become even more popular with influencers and content creators. Along with its top spot in revenue, YouTube also ranks seventh in lifetime downloads worldwide among all non-game apps (on iOS and Google Play combined, as of October 10, 2021).

YouTube has increased revenue on the app through a variety of offerings that allow users to choose their experience. Thanks to several paid channels and premium subscriptions that allow uninterrupted viewing (and the YouTube Music Premium bonus as part of the premium subscription), YouTube consumer spending reached $ 3 billion on weekends.

YouTube has democratized content consumption on many levels and is one of the platforms where the most time is spent per user in the world. As the streaming war continues to escalate in the United States and around the world, YouTube is a formidable platform in this area. Hitting the $ 3 billion mark indicates that consumers appreciate the content and experience YouTube offers and are willing to pay for a high-end version of this mobile content. And they choose to subscribe to this service from their mobile devices.

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