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To illustrate its anti-misinformation functions, YouTube has announced the launch of an awareness campaign on the theme “YouTube Helps You Protect Yourself”. This includes various educational videos, broadcast from October 25 to December 12 on social media (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin), and will be available in print on various media. First, Vincent Simonet, director of engineering at Google France, speaks in an interview with the medium Brut, a video published on Wednesday, October 20 – where he answers the questions of the creator DebunKer des Étoiles. Remember YouTube actions, which revolve around four principles, the “4 Rs”: remove content that violates the rules as soon as possible; transmit more reliable sources in the results and recommendations of the investigation; reduce recommendations on content that is on the edge of the rules and fight recommendation bias; and rewards content that meets the highest standards.

YouTube has also published the brochure “Le Vrai du Fake”, to guide Internet users looking for reliable information on its platform, in order to highlight 20 quality YouTube channels. This non-exhaustive selection includes 4 categories: “Method: sharpen your critical mind” with Defakator, Mr. Sam or Le Crayon; “Deciphered: fight against misinformation” with L’Instant Détox, Le Monde or The Sciencoder; “Live: keep up to date” with Esther Reporter, BFMTV, Euronews or HugoDécrypte; and “Report: better understanding the world” with the Brut, Arte or StreetPress channels.

Finally, in the space How YouTube works, YouTube offers five tips from the Génération Numérique association to fight against misinformation. On this page, YouTube also brings together all the commitments and measures taken to make YouTube more and more secure: managing harmful content, limiting the distribution of extremist content, fighting hate speech … YouTube also supports creators who They mobilize against misinformation and support the collaboration between Hugo Décrypte (HugoDécrypte – News of the day 1.3 M subscribers) and Génération Numérique to allow the creation of 2 advice videos: “Fake news: our brain manipulates us on the various cognitive biases “(160k visits) and” 6 manipulation techniques that you absolutely need to know to defend yourself “(390,000 visits).

“As a platform that distributes content produced by others, we are aware of our responsibilities in the fight against disinformation. YouTube is also a formidable lever for freedom of creation and expression. Thanks to the passionate work of our teams, we work every day, together with creators, journalists and the media, to make it a useful information platform, ”said Justine Ryst, Managing Director of YouTube France.

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