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The biggest drivers of football buzz is a monthly study conducted through Sports YouGov which highlights the clubs whose Buzz Scores have increased the most in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

Buzz: PSG is the fastest growing club in France in April 2022 (+13.3 points)

Thanks to their draw at home against Lens (1-1) on April 23 during matchday 34 of Ligue 1, PSG are assured of their tenth title as French champions. The Parisians thus equal AS Saint-Etienne.

Note also the progress of OM (+5.9), Liverpool (+4.7), Arsenal (+3.3) and Monaco (+3.1).

In England, Chelsea’s Buzz Score skyrockets (+19.6). Liverpool (+6.4), Manchester City (+5.8), PSG (+2.2) and Fulham (+2.2) complete the top 5 for the month of April.

In Spain, Villarreal secured the top spot with a 10.3-point increase in his Buzz score. This marker seems to be related to the good performance of the team in the Champions League, until the semifinal. PSG (+6.9), Arsenal (+5.3), Real Sociedad (+4.1) and Real Valladolid (+3.8) also made good progress.

In GermanyEintracht Frankfurt (+6.7) took first place, followed by Leipzig (+5.6), Liverpool (+4.2), Real Madrid (+3.9) and Chelsea (+3.8).

In ItalyInter Milan plays its last cards to aspire to be crowned champion of Italy. It is the club that progresses more clearly in April (+12.9). PSG (+5.6), Bologna (+3.8), AS Roma (+3.7) and Salernitana (+2.9) complete the Top 5.

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FootballIndex – Tracks daily perception of around 200 of the world’s biggest clubs/teams, across multiple markets.

Buzz : Which of the following teams have you seen, read or heard something positive/negative about (either in the news, through an advertisement, on the Internet or talking to people around you) in the last two weeks? The score is expressed as % Positive Buzz – % Negative Buzz. For example 60% positive – 20% negative = +40. The Buzz is therefore a score that can vary from -100 to +100.

Population : French, Italian, Spanish, German and British adults

Period : from March 2 to 1Ahem April 2022 and from April 2 to 1Ahem May 2022

Moving average : 4 weeks

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