Workers are tired of being treated like a conservative experiment, union leader says

The UK needs a general election to “give the public a voice” in how the country is run, workers said.

NHS staff, teachers and providers said the independent they wanted the opportunity to elect a government that they believe represents them to lead the country through the economic crisis.

“At the moment the government doesn’t know what’s going on outside,” said Angie Wilson, an NHS catering assistant in the North West.

More than 460,000 people have signedthe independents petition for a general election now after the last two prime ministers entered Downing Street without a public vote.

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Hundreds of workers were due to gather for the general election in central London on Wednesday night.

the independent spoke to some of those working in the NHS, education, retail and call centers ahead of the protest.

“The country is in a mess. An absolute waste,” said Sandrene Wright, who works at a Morrisons supermarket in Crewe.

“I’m 57, so I remember little bits of the ’70s and it was crazy. But I think they don’t know, excuse my language, your butt right now.

She added: “We need some stability. We need a government that is not on the side of the rich.

Sandrene Wright says the UK is ‘a mess’

(Zoe Tidman / The Independent)

NHS catering worker Mrs Wilson also wanted a general election: “It’s been too long.”

“Right now, the government doesn’t know what’s going on outside,” the 58-year-old said. “They seem to be living in their own ivory towers and not understanding what is really going on in terms of poverty on our streets in this country.”

Angie Wilson says it’s been ‘too long’ since the UK held a general election

(Zoe Tidman / The Independent)

Ms Wilson added: “I also think we are the absolute laughing stock of the world right now.”

John Plannery, who also works for the Southport and Ormskirk Hospital Trust, said the UK had a number of prime ministers who had a say in the UK’s direction, and now it’s the public’s turn.

“We had people who came to power but were not elected. It is a very small minority in the country. most of whom are not in contact with the general population,” said the site’s personnel manager.

John Plannery says he wants a general election

(Zoe Tidman / The Independent)

“They are not part of the working class. They don’t understand the struggles we have. But in reality, they make political decisions that impact most of the country.

Meanwhile, Deb Egglestone, a technology teacher at a high school in Durham, said she “definitely” wants a general election.

“The firm was selected by someone who was hired completely by chance, to be honest. His predecessor was elected by a small number of people,” he said.

Deb Egglestone says she wants a general election

(Zoe Tidman / The Independent)

“As far as the warrant goes, they have to do what they do…they don’t have one.”

Boris Johnson won the last Conservative general election in 2019. He resigned this summer after a slew of scandals.

Liz Truss took office after a Conservative leadership campaign in which members, but not the public, voted for Prime Minister. After resigning after 45 days, Rishi Sunak entered Downing Street after a vote by MPs.

“This cannot go on like this. They cannot go on passing the package of who will be the next prime minister when ordinary people have no say in this,” Frances O’Grady of the Trades Union Congress told The Independent.

“I think the only way to solve this problem is with a general election.”

The general secretary said workers were tired of being treated like a “conservative experiment”, citing mini-budget and “reverse Robin Hood” policies.

TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady and Deputy General Secretary Paul Nowak call a general election

(Jess Hurd/TUC)

“I think the public is fed up with this government and its incompetence and chaos,” he said.

«Ils continuent de revenir pour attacke les travailleurs, même si nous avons vu des travailleurs clés pendant la pandémie décrits par les ministers comme des héros et maintenant méprisés et censés upload salary reductions at a moment où tout le monde a des factures à pay.”

Most of the workers who had gathered for the demonstration in Westminster said the independent they wanted Labor to win the next general election.

But Dawn Roberts, an NHS worker, said she wasn’t sure what she wanted from a public vote.

“I just want it to come back to people and for people to have something to say,” he said.

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