Withdrawals, the 50th anniversary of the RN ex-FN, PSG-Benfica… The 5 news you will hear tomorrow

18:33 October 4, 2022

1 – Pensions, the unions ready to fight against the 65

Certain “: is united as never before against the lowering of the starting age to discuss the guidelines and the schedule of a new reform. Even businessmen back down for fear of social conflicts that penalize the economy when it is already suffering from the energy crisis. But the Government has decided: the issue will be the subject of a specific text at the end of the year, and not of a modification of the Social Security budget. Meanwhile, consultations have been opened under the authority of Olivier Dussopt, Minister of Labour. If the social partners agree to talk about employment of older people, hard work, women’s careers, they refuse to mention an extension of working life. A black point that could derail discussions.

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2 – Rising prices: the government summons the energy companies

The government will call energy providers to order tomorrow. ” I think today [les fournisseurs d’énergie] they do not play enough with their customers, especially SMEs Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Friday, directly quoting TotalEnergies, Engie and EDF. ” There are customers who find it difficult to find affordable offers » while « pmany contracts are up for renewal “At the end of the year, the general manager of Engie, Catherine MacGregor, reacted, whose group will be present on Wednesday. She says to work for Finding solutions ” in a ” very constructive spirit “. TotalEnergies and EDF have also confirmed their presence. Households and smaller businesses eligible for regulated tariffs are covered by the “ tariff shield », extended until 2023 and limiting the increase in electricity and gas prices to 15%. But larger SMEs are more directly exposed to skyrocketing prices.

3 – Marine Le Pen’s party turns 50

The National Front will celebrate its 50th anniversary this Wednesday. There is no party in sight for his successor party, the National Grouping, but a symposium said ” University “, even austere, scheduled for Thursday in the Víctor-Hugo room of the National Assembly. And for good reason: the creation of the FN in 1972, headed by Jean-Marie Le Pen, is synonymous with an alliance between far-right chapels, violent settling of scores, and anti-Semitic and racist outrages on the part of its leader. This cumbersome past will be replaced by three party conferences, the latter being presented to the JDD as ” precursor and reference in Europe by MEP Philippe Olivier, in charge of the event. ” We are not going to delete people in pictures “, assures this advisor to Marine Le Pen. Uninvited Jean-Marie Le Pen will remain off screen.

4 – Liz Truss on a demining mission against her family

British Prime Minister Liz Truss will speak on Wednesday at the Conservative Party Congress, which has been held in Birmingham since Sunday. She will have to convince her movement’s elected officials and activists of the direction she intends to stay, after having to reverse the 2023 budget she presented to the Commons last week. The proposal to abolish the taxation of the highest incomes caused a scandal, even in her own party, at a time when the middle classes and the most disadvantaged suffer from inflation close to 10%. The supporters of his predecessor Boris Johnson threaten to disassociate themselves if fiscal and budgetary policy is accentuated to the detriment of the most modest strata. In an interview with the BBC on Tuesday morning, Liz Truss indicated that the future budget would be ” responsible even in terms of the country’s indebtedness, in the face of rising interest rates. It will also have to say tomorrow if it maintains its goal of breaking with the promise to stop exploring new sources of energy from the hydraulic fraction, which is harmful to the environment.

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5 – PSG expected in turn

Hinge movement for PSG. After a more or less dominated success against Juventus Turin and another very weak one against Maccabi Haifa, the club from the capital faces Benfica Lisbon this Wednesday (9:00 p.m., Canal + and RMC Sport 1) to do it again for six days later in the Parc des Princes. In an electric Stade de la Luz, facing an imperial team since the start of the season (13 wins in 14 games), the Parisian defense will undergo a test of solidity. We will have to distrust Gonçalo Ramos and David Neres, but also Julian Draxler, on loan from PSG (who still takes 80% of his salary), and who has the profile to add an additional line to the legend of the former . Opposite, Christophe Galtier will rely on his triplet of stars, in which Lionel Messi shines. The return of Marco Verratti, injured for two weeks, will relieve the spinal cord.

We are delighted: the Frenchman Alain Aspect among the winners of the Nobel Prize in Physics

The Nobel Prize in Physics was crowned on Tuesday by the Frenchman Alain Aspect, the American John Clauser and the Austrian Anton Zeilinger, three pioneers of the revolutionary mechanisms of quantum physics. Affiliated with the French University Paris-Saclay and Polytechnique, Alain Aspect is 75 years old, while John Clauser is 79 years old and Anton Zeilinger of the University of Vienna is 77 years old. The trio are rewarded for their discoveries about “quantum entanglement,” a mechanism in which two quantum particles are perfectly correlated, regardless of the distance between them. The mise en évidence de cette étonnante proprieté a ouvert la voie à de nouvelles technologies dans l’informatique quantique et à des communications ultrasecurisées, ou encore à des capteurs quantiques ultra-sensitive que permettraient des mesures extrêmement précises, comme celle de la gravité in the space.

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