Wine House Orchids ends 2022 growing

Orchidées Maisons de Vin, a subsidiary of Terrena, will register an increase of around 8% this year on a turnover that reached 60 million euros in 2021. Laurent Reinteau, general manager who succeeded Bernard Jacob five months ago, reports satisfactory harvests in 2022 in terms of quality, with, among other things, “an expressive vintage Sancerre” and red wines that benefited from favorable weather conditions for quantities in line with the average. Only Muscadet suffered from the heat and lack of rain. Laurent Reinteau also reports a good commercial moment for fine sparkling wines from the Loire, a segment in which the company is leading with Ackerman (supermarkets France, export) and Monmousseau (selective networks).

” Luxurious “

Laurent Reinteau evokes a roadmap focused “on the luxury movement” articulated with a representative offer from the Loire. With this in mind, the group had closed its site at La Chapelle-Heulin, in the Nantes vineyards, in 2021. The latter was volume-oriented and entry-level oriented and therefore “less strategic”. However, external growth in the high-end segments is not a topical issue, except for the opportunities offered to the Terrena group.

lighten bottles

Orchidées Maisons de Vins brings together 4 houses and 6 farms (500 ha), all employing 250 employees. Exports, which represent 25% of sales, is another area of ​​development, mainly in the United Kingdom, Germany and the United States, where the company believes it has greater potential than its current sales. Orchidées’ strategic plan also aims to strengthen wine tourism and reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2035. For this reason, the company is thinking especially about reducing the weight of bottles, responsible for 40% of emissions, in optimize its reuse and in alternative packaging on which reflection is beginning.

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