Which country talks the most about video games on Twitter?

(ETX Daily Up) – The world of games continues to attract Internet users. A unifying theme especially on Twitter. The social network took advantage of the end of E3 to share information about the most talked about video games online as well as the most active countries on the subject. France only reaches the ninth position.

Based on information shared by Twitter, tweets about games have increased by 18% in one year. Already in 2020, the platform had registered more than 2 billion tweets on the subject. A trend that has not weakened, but on the contrary has intensified thanks to the global crisis, forcing people around the world to find activities during imposed closures.

Based on data collected up to June 2021, Twitter was able to identify the ten countries that tweeted the most about the world of video games. Unsurprisingly, Japan ranks first, followed by the United States and South Korea. France, for its part, ranks ninth, before Spain, which closes this top 10.

Twitter also allowed users to meet during the annual E3 event, which took place June 12-15, entirely in virtual format. For the occasion, it is in the United States where Internet users have commented the event the most, ahead of Japan and Spain, in third position. France came in sixth place.

If in 2020, Nintendo had dominated the discussions thanks to its game “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” in social networksSo far it is the game “Genshin Impact” that has attracted the most Twitter users. “Animal Crossing” still remains in the top 10, but falls to fifth place.

Countries Tweeting Most Frequently About Gaming

1. Japan

2. United States

3. South Korea

4. Brazil

5. Thailand

6. Philippines

7. Inde

8. United Kingdom

9. France

10. Spain

The world’s most tweeted video games in 2021

1. Impact of Genshin

2. Apex Legends

3. Ensemble Stars!

4. Final Fantasy

5. Animal Crossing

6. Knives

7. Fortnite

8. Monster Hunter

9. Fate / Grand Order

10. Minecraft

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