“We will take retaliatory measures” if the agreements are not respected, says Clément Beaune

The Secretary of State for European Affairs threatens to react in case of breach of the Brexit agreements by the United Kingdom.

«We respect the agreements in their entirety, if this is not the case, we will retaliate.», Declared Clément Beaune, guest in Europe 1 this Monday morning.

Whether it be for fishing in the Channel or for trade with Northern Ireland, the Secretary of State for European Affairs recalled the firmness of the European Union vis-à-vis the United Kingdom: “we can test commitments, we respect the signed agreements“He raised the possibility of applying tariffs if the British do not do the same.

Reaction to G7 exchanges

This is how Clément Beaune reacts to the altercations this Saturday between Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson during a meeting on the sidelines of the G7. The British prime minister warned that his government could annul the Brexit agreements due to a lack of flexibility from the EU, which for its part asks the United Kingdom to respect its commitments. Boris Johnson complained in particular that he could no longer send sausages from Great Britain to Northern Ireland as of July. He had compared this ban to the sale of Toulouse sausages in Parisian markets. The President of the Republic replied that the situations were not comparable since “Paris and Toulouse are part of the same country.», Thus attracting the ire of British diplomats.

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