Voodoo, the French nugget of video games on smartphones

If you take public transport, you cannot miss it: many travelers unsheathe their smartphones and engage in a “hyper casual game”. Colorful puzzles, fun skill games, go-kart racing… These easy-to-learn little games are extremely popular on mobile. But what the general public does not know is that, behind several hundred of these applications, there is only one French start-up: Voodoo. Even within French Tech, the Parisian nugget has long been low-key. “Talking takes time! We remain fully focused on the core activities of our business, ”explains CEO Alexandre Yazdi.

Originally from Alsace, the entrepreneur founded Voodoo in 2013 with a friend from high school, Laurent Ritter (now a director and advisor to the company). “We had lost sight of each other while we were studying. He went to business school, I went to engineering school… We met by chance on the Cadet metro platform in Paris ”, says Alexandre. From these unexpected reunions, “Studio Cadet” was born, his “first box”. Then the name “Voodoo” is chosen to make “less silly du 19me “And more” international editor.

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