VIDEO – Supermarket of the future: how soon you will be shopping

And if you don’t know exactly what you want, this technology can also help you choose a product. For example, it will tell you which bottle will go with a cheese board. Immediately, thanks to augmented reality, the application will suggest references that match your criteria. “The challenge of the store of the future will be to offer the consumer a good reason to come to the store, when they can do everything from their sofa. And that means offering the same speed, the same simplicity of purchase as when ‘we do our shopping online’, explains Benjamin Noudelberg, retail consultant at Accenture. And to specify: “One way to achieve this will also be to personalize this purchase journey taking into account the preferences and habits of the consumer. For example, only offering promotions that interest you”.

Another strategy is to offer cooler shelves. Cheeses, sausages, catering dishes… they will always be prepared in front of you. Once you have selected your items, in some supermarkets you won’t even have to scan them. Hundreds of superior cameras will be able to follow your journey and accurately identify the products you take and the ones you leave. You will then be charged automatically.

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