Usbek & Rica – “Videogames are deeply political”

It must be said that in Watch Dogs: Legion, Brexit does not bode well for the UK. The police discriminate and kill. Poverty is rampant. The people are called to fight against fascism, to demonstrate and organize against corruption, surveillance and massive repression. And London is represented in all its ethnic and cultural diversity.

Consensual communication

But if the plot of this new Watch dogs it is based on “political” elements, videogames too? The question has arisen since the presentation of the first images of the game. On October 28, Wired magazine ran an article soberly titled ” Watch Dogs: Legion hates Brexit. It also sucks at political commentary. “(Which roughly translates to” Watch Dogs: Legion hates Brexit. And their political point sucks. “) Article author Matt Kamen believes that” Ubisoft pauses before it has the courage to turn awkward political analysis into thought-provoking comments. ”

The question is even more delicate as the game is released in a complicated context for Ubisoft. Last summer, the company’s Paris studio was the subject of a journalistic investigation Release revealing several cases of sexual harassment. Regarding the game Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad, released during the summer of 2020, was the subject of controversy after accusations of racism.

Often criticized because it presents its games as “apolitical”, Ubisoft is this time expected in turn. However, despite a new and ambitious narrative approach, communication around Watch Dogs: Legion it is consensual. For Clint Hocking, the message of the work can be summed up as follows: “Working together to build a better world”. If the creative director considers that it is necessary to face certain problems – inclusivity, racism, sexism – in the development of such a work, for him it remains above all a fiction. In short, the game would be first and foremost what the player does with it.

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