United Kingdom. Buys shoes at Vinted and gets a bad rash

To find cheaper clothes or shoes, nothing better than Vinted, the second-hand giant. But on this platform it is also possible to have bad experiences. This is what happened to Becca Maddon, a 29-year-old British woman. For just £4, or about 4.6€, the 29-year-old bought a pair of sports shoes in March. “They were large, shiny sneakers with an iridescent pattern, which when exposed to light took on the color of the rainbow,” he told the British media Kennedy News and Media.

Becca then puts her new shoes on her rack and then into a vacuum sealed bag as she moves. Just six months later, in early September, she wore them for the first time. She then had the unpleasant surprise of seeing a slightly red rash appear on one of her feet the next day. “Sometimes I have eczema on my face, so I thought it was the same thing. “I just put eczema cream on my foot,” Becca explained to the British media.

Except the cream doesn’t work and the rash spreads to her legs. She then decides to consult a doctor. According to the latter, this skin reaction is related… to scabies or an allergic reaction to sneakers. “I was afraid that my house would be invaded by scabies, but fortunately no one in my family had a rash,” confesses the young woman.

Wash and disinfect your belongings

When telling her story, the young woman indicates that she does not want to “discourage people” from buying second-hand items. But she intends to do prevention and invite consumers to “wash and disinfect” products purchased second-hand before using them.

For her part, the young woman has made no secret that she would not be willing to buy second-hand sports shoes, but that she will continue buying clothes and bags.

“We are sorry for this member’s experience and hope she is better today. In our listing rules, we ask members to review their items before listing as all items listed for sale must be clean. “We recommend washing or disinfecting them… Upon receiving an item, we also ask members to check it carefully and report any issues to us so we can provide immediate assistance,” a Vinted spokesperson said, as reported Sun.

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