Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin is ‘very likely’ to act in Kiev – as Liz Truss warns ‘there is nothing on the table’ for more sanctions | Politic notices

It is “very likely” that Vladimir Putin plans to move to Ukraine’s capital Kiev, Foreign Minister Liz Truss told Sky News, warning Russia that “nothing is out of order” during consideration of the new western sanctions.

The UK, US and EU have announced a series of new sanctions against Russia following Putin’s order to send “peacekeeping” troops to two regions of eastern Ukraine, which Moscow has declared “independent” states. “.

However, there have been calls for Western powers to go further in sanctioning Russia for its actions against its neighbor.

Ms Truss told Kay Burley of Sky News that a trigger for more punitive measures against Moscow would be a “full-scale invasion” of Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, Russian forces are surrounding Ukraine, so we don’t know exactly where this is going to happen,” he said.

“But we will know when we see it and we will react immediately. »

The foreign minister also warned that Kiev, a city of nearly three million people, was among Putin’s potential targets for conquest.

“We think it is very likely that this is in their plans,” he added.

“This is one of the reasons why we have advised UK citizens to leave while commercial flights are still available, as the situation is extremely worrying. »

Conservative MPs are among those calling for tougher sanctions against Russia, as the government criticized for not going far enough in initial measures announced Tuesday.

However, Truss defended the UK’s “very serious package”, saying the measures would “inflict pain” on Putin, his regime and the Russian economy.

“Target major oligarchs, we are clear that the Russian government cannot lift sovereign debt,” the foreign minister said of the current sanctions package.

“It targets the major Russian banks that finance the military and finance the activities of the Russian government.

“But we agree with our international allies that we will increase sanctions, that there will be even more severe sanctions against key oligarchs, against key organizations in Russia, limiting Russia’s access to financial markets, if there is a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. . , which I am afraid to say… we look forward to it very much. »

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