UK won’t ‘rule out’ Chinese investment, but must not be ‘naive’

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson does not wantpull apart“Chinese investments in the UK, but your country should not be”naiveon issues like 5G or nuclear, he said in an interview with Bloomberg News.

The British government does not rule out“all but Chinese investment”That doesn’t mean we should be naiveon the country’s critical infrastructure, Boris Johnson said Monday night, as an international investment summit opened in the UK on Tuesday.

The UK had announced in July 2020 the exclusion of all Chinese giant Huawei equipment from its 5G network, citing a risk to the country’s security, and Conservative MPs regularly decry China’s influence in British economic affairs. London is also about to exclude China’s CGN from the Sizewell C nuclear power plant project and, according to the British press, is seeking ways to prevent a Chinese state-owned group from participating in similar new projects in the country.

There are no shortage of points of friction between Beijing and London, due to the sanctions adopted by China at the end of March against several British deputies linked to human rights issues of the Uyghur minority or even due to the new British alliance with the Americans and Australia, nicknamed AUKUS. Issues related to nuclear energy and 5G technology”are all legitimate concerns, for any governmentBoris Johnson said. Corn “I’m not Sinophobic, far from it. China is a great country, a great civilization.“, he added.

Despite all these difficulties, difficult talks about the Dalai Lama or Hong Kong or the Uyghurs, where we stay true to our principles, trade with China has continued to develop.“, according to him. “China occupies a gigantic part of our economic life, and this for a long time.“These statements come as a”World Investment Summithosted by the UK government in which the Prime Minister is expected to announce foreign investment deals totaling £9.7bn to support the “green growthin the UK, including a 50-megawatt battery storage project by Chinese group Huaneng.

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