UK truck driver shortage: BP closes some petrol stations

A BP gas station

Priority should be given to highway rest areas.

(Photo: dpa)

London Due to a huge shortage of truck drivers, UK energy giant BP is now forced to close some service stations. “We have fuel supply issues at some of our locations and are therefore unfortunately temporarily unable to operate at some locations due to a lack of unleaded gasoline and diesel,” a BP spokesperson told the station. ITV.

According to this, there is indeed enough fuel overall, but the group has trouble getting it to gas stations. Most locations would not receive any deliveries for about a day and a half a week. Priority should be given to highway rest areas. The government expressed concern.

According to the Road Haulage Association, there is a shortage of at least 100,000 truck drivers in the UK. The reasons are the consequences of the crown pandemic, lack of offspring and strict immigration rules after Brexit. As a result, supermarket shelves have been empty for weeks. Other industries also suffer from a severe shortage of skilled workers.

As ITV reported on Thursday, BP informed the government about the problems days ago. The situation was “bad, very bad,” said the responsible manager of BP, Hanna Hofer, in a meeting with government officials.

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Hofer had stated that the group only had two-thirds of the normal tank inventory “which is necessary for smooth operation”, and that this figure is declining “very rapidly”. Therefore, the company is preparing to limit deliveries “very soon”.

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