UK: Millions skip meals due to inflation

A similar proportion of the population say that it is difficult for them to eat healthy compared to before the crisis, and opt for prepared meals to reduce the use of gas or electricity. Similarly, 80% of those surveyed say they are experiencing financial difficulties. As a direct consequence, they now deprive themselves of all delicacies to buy only the essentials.

On Wednesday, the British consumer protection association had already warned that millions of British households were also at risk of finding themselves in energy poverty and therefore not being able to heat themselves adequately this winter.

The new finance minister, Jeremy Hunt, reversed many of the budget measures announced in late September by his predecessor Kwasi Kwarteng. The latter combined massive support for household and business energy spending with outright tax cuts. Financed by debt in the midst of a wave of inflation and little quantified, they had unleashed a storm in the markets. In this way, energy support for households was reduced to six months, compared to two years earlier, in a context of sharp increases in gas prices.

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