UK imposes new trade sanctions on Russia

The luxury goods in question will be, in particular, high-end cars, fashion or works of art. Vodka is also affected.

The British government has imposed trade sanctions against Russia in response to the Ukraine invasion, including punitive tariffs on vodka and a ban on exporting luxury goods.

«Russian vodka is one of the iconic products affected by the rise in tariffswhich represents an increase of35 percentage points from current rates“Said the Ministry of International Trade in a press release on Tuesday.

The luxury items in question will be, in particular, high-end cars, fashion or works of art, the ministry specifies.

A reinforcement of the sanctions regime already in force

«We want to do maximum damage to Putin’s war machine and minimize the impact on UK business, as the G7 leaders unite in a new wave of economic sanctions against Moscow.“, justifies the ministry in its press release.

«The ban on exports is going to come into force quickly and to ensure that the oligarchs and other members of the elite who are enriched by the reign of the president (Russe Vladimir) Poutine and their supporters are illegal invasion, they are private of products luxury“, He insists.

The British government has already imposed a series of sanctions against Russian interests and citizens, with a ban on oil imports and personally targeted sanctions on some 20 oligarchs with interests in the UK, including billionaire Roman Abramovich, owner of the English football Chelsea.

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