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A temperature above 40 degrees was measured in the UK for the first time on Tuesday. In Belgium and Germany, heat records fell by a hair. The heat caused many problems in other parts of Europe, including forest fires. In France, Italy and Greece, the fire service is very busy. Although the worst heat in Spain and Portugal seems to have passed, forest fires continue to rage there.

In the London area, the fire service received five times as many calls on Tuesday afternoon. Mayor Sadiq Khan spoke of a critical situation given the pressure on the fire service.

Calculation models from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) assume almost a thousand additional deaths this month as a result of the heat wave. Heat records were broken in at least 34 places in the UK on Tuesday.

In Italy, forest fires broke out in Tuscany and near Rome, Milan and Trieste. By mid-afternoon, a 365-hectare area outside Pisa had already caught fire, said Eugenio Giani, the governor of Tuscany.

The Athens area is once again the victim of forest fires

In the French department of Gironde, the forest fires that have ravaged the Bordeaux area since July 12 have become the largest forest fires in thirty years. Since then, an area the size of Eindhoven has burned down, forcing an estimated 34,000 people from their homes.

Forest fires have also started again around the Greek capital, Athens, an area that already had to deal with a huge sea of ​​flames last year. Some suburbs have been evacuated by order of the authorities.

Spain continues to fight against thirty forest fires scattered throughout the country. In the regions of Galicia and Castilla y León, the authorities are closely monitoring the situation. 70,000 hectares of nature have already burned down this year, more than double the average for this decade. In some parts of Spain it hasn’t rained for almost half a year.

NU reader MF Cheng submitted the photo above from the Pisa area.

NU reader MF Cheng submitted the photo above from the Pisa area.

NU reader MF Cheng submitted the photo above from the Pisa area.


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