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Uber is also losing drivers to competing taxi services like Bolt, which charge their drivers lower costs.

With hardly any restrictions in much of Britain, the demand for taxi travel is returning. According to the App Drivers and Couriers Union, up to half of Uber drivers have changed jobs in the past 18 months to earn money. This is notorious for Uber taxi riders, because their wait times are much longer. Complaints can be read on social media.

According to Uber driver Amar Ullah from Glasgow, many of the drivers who have switched have no plans to return. They say they spend less time earning the same salary. In addition, they do not have to deal with sometimes annoying passengers and they do not have to take out additional insurance because they transport people.

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Uber isn’t just tackling the UK driver shortage. In April, the company already announced 250 million dollars, about 212 million euros, to attract American drivers. Uber wanted to do that by giving bonuses and other benefits.

The American company is now seeing demand rise again and says it needs 20,000 drivers in the UK. In addition, Uber points out that it is “the only provider that gives its drivers all the rights and protections.” Uber lost a lawsuit in the UK earlier this year and is now offering all its drivers guaranteed wages, holiday pay and a pension.

However, the company also increased the rates it charges drivers for its services from 20% to 25% of the rate. Because the costs of renting and insuring a car have also risen, it is still difficult for many drivers to make ends meet, they say.

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