Twitter Report on European Championship Finals: Most Racist Tweets Come From Great Britain

National coach Southgate described the racist attacks on social media against some of the unfortunate penalty shooters in the European Championship final as unforgivable.

However, 99 percent of Twitter accounts that were blocked due to verbal racist attacks after the European Championship final came from users in Britain, the short message service made clear. 1,961 discriminatory tweets were removed from Twitter during or shortly after the final, Sky TV reports. Twitter is proud that these tweets were automatically filtered. Only 126 were removed only after users informed us. No more than two percent of problematic tweets were distributed more than a thousand times, the service reports with some pride.

Eleven people arrested so far

With its data, Twitter relativizes the information provided by the UK Football Police Unit, a special police football unit. She had reported that of 207 messages classified as criminal on social media, only 34 came from the UK and 123 from other countries. After all, eleven people had been arrested in the UK on August 5. Most of the tracked attacks come from real-name accounts, according to Twitter.

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