Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The Official Video Game

Upside Down World – During Our Switch Exclusive Pet Olympiad Mario and Sonic appeared for the Olympics in Tokyo at the end of 2019 and has long been forgotten, it was in Japan The official video game for all systems almost exactly two years ago, even slightly earlier. No one really knows why Sega was in such a rush back then. After postponements caused by the pandemic, virtual medals are now being fought for in the West just in time for the actual show.

The fact that the sports mix has been around for a few years is less noticeable: the solid but unspectacular appearance of the characters is based on a design that is discreetly reminiscent of Microsoft’s Xbox avatars and therefore not quite as focused on details. For this, you can modify your alter ego according to your own taste in a respectable editor – from muscle man to trash can, everything is included. The gender you choose does not matter in principle: it does not influence performance and there is no separation in competitions.

There are 18 disciplines to choose from, in which tennis and table tennis can be played in both singles and doubles. What they all have in common is that they are quite straightforward and hardly dare to perform fun experiments: on the one hand (apart from some more exercise-intensive exceptions) you get familiar with the controls so quickly, on the other hand, to a large extent, no surprise effects or glasses.

The surrounding area also gives the impression that apparently only a checklist has been drawn up with the minimum of ingredients: of course, you can compete alone, with friends or up to eight over the Internet in all disciplines individually or as part of lists. Of reproduction. You’ll activate tips and points as currency for additional outfit options, but more complex game modes or a campaign or story of any kind cannot be viewed unfortunately.

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