This is what the radars of tomorrow will be like

Increasingly numerous, radars are also increasingly technological. Summary of what awaits you.

It has been 20 years since the first automatic radar was installed on French roads. And today we count not less than 4,500 rublesspread throughout the territory, while this figure continues to increase over the years. And rightly the government wants to further increase investments to modernize the fleet and above all densify it, with one objective: to increase the profitability of the cabins. This is how they become increasingly technological and advanced, capable of detecting the slightest infraction and the slightest deviation on the road. Much to the dismay of motorists.

Always more

In fact, the latter are now controlled from all sides, while current radars are already capable of detecting the slightest violation of the Highway Code, such as not wearing a seat belt or using the phone while driving. But it will be even worse in the coming years. In fact, cockpits will soon be able to monitor the interior of cars to see precisely what the driver is doing. Tests are currently being carried out in both Australia and the UK, and are quite conclusive. But that’s not all, because other technologies are being developed.

Discreet radars

This is, for example, the case of the formidable velolaser, which is already used in Spain and should soon arrive here. This radar uses the turret principle, but in a much more compact and discreet format. This makes it almost undetectable to drivers, who can easily be fooled. Especially since it is also mobile and very easy to install anywhere. Finally, in the coming years anti-noise radars should also be developed, which are already in the testing phase in several French cities.

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