These 7 signs show that he has real feelings for you

Many men do not like to talk about their feelings. This can be really unsettling when you first meet. How does it feel to be loved? We will tell you how you can tell when a man is in love.

How does a man behave when he is in love?

Each person scores differently. There are women and men who like to talk openly about their feelings, and there are women and Men who tend to keep their emotions to themselves.. Even if the genders cannot be pigeonholed in general, it often happens that men tend to hide their feelings.

Many women or men who have fallen in love with a rather closed man wonder how they can tell if he too has tingles in his stomach or is even in love. The answer is: in his behavior. Because that is usually the case with men in love. You can pay attention to the following information.

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When a man is in love, he wants to meet you.

He contacts you regularly, makes suggestions for upcoming dates, and responds quickly to your messages. Your crush is definitely into you and if she wants to see you again in the near future, it is a sure sign that she might be in love.

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Are you attentive and listening?

How else can you know that he is in love with you? Pay attention to how your conversations are going. If he listens to you carefully and remembers the things you say, that’s a great sign. If he is in love, he will remember every little detail. Men who are interested in you and your life ask questions, they want to know everything about you, and they are also happy to talk about their lives. After all, they want to get to know each other. If he then puts down his cell phone and focuses on you when you meet him, it’s probably over for him. Maybe he will also give you gifts and remember what flowers you love or what chocolate you like. So things are pretty clear.

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Men in love seek physical contact

Those who are in love would like to touch the other person all the time and look deep into their eyes. Perhaps she has tried to hold your hand in the cafeteria or put her arm around you? Subtle loving attempts to touch you can be an indication that he is in love. But don’t worry if there hasn’t been any physical breakthrough yet. Some men are very reserved and shy when they are in love. A sign that they are serious and do not want to rush things.

Men in love show vulnerability

Doesn’t he have to be cool all the time or praise himself, but also be vulnerable or openly tell you about his concerns? He can also admit his weaknesses and reveal his flaws to you. If he’s happy to talk to you about these things, you may already have a firm place in his heart, because this openness is a great sign of trust.

The body language of men in love

Since many men like to keep their feelings to themselves, it pays to pay attention to your body language. Can you tell he’s nervous? Maybe he constantly runs his fingers through his hair or pulls at his clothes? This may be a sign that he is excited. Also, many people cannot sit still when they are nervous or have a little shaky voice. If this is the case with your loved one, it will surely have an effect on him.

Also notice how he sits across from you. If his posture is open and turned towards you, then he seems comfortable and seeks your closeness. If he crosses his arms and tends to walk away from you, then he probably isn’t ready to open up yet.

He wants to introduce you to his friends.

Has he talked before introducing you to his friends? Then things are looking pretty good for you because that’s a sure sign that she’s serious. They may have even told them about you and are looking forward to meeting you. Congratulations!

Men in love plan for the long term

Are you already talking about which travel destinations would be great for your summer vacation when you get together, or are you planning trips and joint ventures that will only take place in a few months and for which you already have to buy tickets or book a night? ? stay? Then you can be pretty sure that he has feelings for you. If he’s not just thinking about upcoming dates, but already making plans for the future, he seems to have a crush on you.

If all points apply, you can be pretty sure you won’t get any unfaithful cheater fish. By the way, you can tell the difference between these characteristics. be in love and in love!

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