The World Trail Majors is born, a new trail circuit

In 2024 a new trail circuit will be created. Its name: World Trail Majors. It will bring together nine ultratrail races around the world. The first stage is announced on the Asian side during the Ultra-Marathon Honk Kong 100.

” myOn this day, November 13, 2023, we are pleased to announce the launch of World Trail Majors: an inclusive, respectful, sustainable and independent approach to trail and ultratrail. “. These are the words that present this new association that brings together 9 ultratrail races around the world.

The World Trail Majors is based on three fundamental pillars

Inclusion – embrace difference as a way to enrich and improve trail running as a sporting, cultural and social activity. Trail/ultra is a very varied sport and each race is also unique: the variety of distances, locations and terrain offer endless possibilities.

Respect – maintain and even improve the spaces where the races take place. Our magnificent landscapes, in the four corners of the planet, existed long before us, and long before this sport. That is why it is imperative to respect nature, as well as local heritage and customs. Trail running must be allowed to grow as an enriching activity, but also as an activity that enriches the local community and the environment. An activity that takes place in nature must always treat its environment with the greatest respect. It is essential to understand that the effect of our actions goes far beyond the sport itself; Every action has repercussions on both a small and large scale.

Identity – leave each breed its unique character and local particularities, whether in relation to the history in which it arises or the environment in which it evolves. May the legacy transmitted between runners and communities through races be a memorable and decisive sporting experience.

Propose a “ alternative »

The organizers thus wish to offer “an alternative”. “ The evolution of trail and ultratrail has been complex, sometimes even erratic. In response to the sport’s meteoric global growth in recent years, a handful of race organizers have formed an association with the goal of preserving the original spirit of trail and ultra-trail. »

With inclusion, respect and identity as cardinal values, the World Trail Majors focuses on the difference and uniqueness of each of the races on its circuit to enrich the sport while respecting the community and environment of each of them. “.

This new circuit aims to further integrate local organizations, respect local communities and stimulate local economies. It also includes races that must leave the smallest possible footprint on nature.


The World Trail Majors calendar

The Quebec Mega Trail is one of the 9 stages of the new World Trail Majors

For its first edition, which will launch in 2024, the World Trail Majors brings together nine races around the world:

  • Hong Kong 100m Ultramarathon: Great race that offers an exceptional showcase for trail running on Asian soil. January 18-21, 2024, 102 km, +5314 m. Hong Kong.
  • Black Canyon Ultras: Purely American race on trails formerly used by natives as trade routes. February 10-11, 2024, 100 km, +1250 m. Phoenix, Arizona, United States
  • The North Face Transgrancanaria: Great classic of the international trail calendar – February 21 to 25, 2024, 126 km, +6804 m. Canary islands spain.
  • Mount Fuji 100: Revealing race of Japanese-style trail running on the most emblematic mountain, but also the highest in the country. – April 26-27, 2024, 165 km, +7574 m. Fujiyoshida, Japan.
  • MIUT – Madeira Island Ultra-Trail: Iconic event on the spectacular island of Madeira. April 27-28, 2024, 115 km, +7100 m. Madeira, Portugal.
  • Swiss Canyon Trail: An unmissable event and a true reference for trail running in Central Europe since 1994. June 7 to 9, 2024, 111 km, +5350 m. Val de Travers, Switzerland.
  • South Downs Way: A classic on the UK racing calendar with its 100 mile event along the historic South Downs Way trail. June 8-9, 2024, 161 km, +3800 m. Winchester, UK.
  • Quebec Mega Trail: Authentic mountain trail near Quebec City. 12th edition – July 5 to 7, 2024, 160 km, +6500 m. Quebec, Canada.
  • RMB Ultra-Trail Cape Town: Pure mountain, very close to one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Africa. November 22-24, 2024, 166 km, +7516 m. Cape Town, South Africa.

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