The World Impact Summit 2022: an edition focused on impact and how to innovate differently

On November 30 and December 1, 2022, the World Impact Summit, the international summit of solutions for the planetreturns for the 5th face-to-face edition at the Palais des Congrès in Bordeaux.

hosted by Bertrand Piccardthis new edition puts impact at the center of the debate, the speeches, the workshops and the solutions presented and will propose a program reading grid structured around this notion: UNDERSTAND – MEASURE – ACT.

The red thread of this 2022 edition is How to innovate differently? Technological innovation is often controversial and needs to be challenged. How to think, integrate, combine sobriety and technological progress? Technological innovation or use innovation, how can we pivot our models to build a sustainable future?

Catalyst of solutions for the planet

This edition will meet in Bordeaux 10,000 impact economy professionals who participate in the ecological and energy transition of our territories, our companies and our society: agents of change, international leaders, investors, large groups, institutions, startups, associative actors, solution providers…

This fifth edition will highlight the most concrete and innovative solutions to address the main global challenges around key issues:

Energies, Circular economy and waste management, Construction and sustainable development, Protection of natural environments and our surroundings, Transport and mobility, Agriculture and food, Responsible digital.

  • 200 speakers, renowned experts, key witnesses
  • 300 innovations
  • 10,000 face-to-face and digital impact economy professionals
  • the participation of more than 40 countries[1] and sessions simultaneously translated into French and English (according to the language of the speakers).
  • 25 foreign delegations
  • 3,000 BtoB meetings

Essentially aimed at a professional audience, the World Impact Summit will offer a great concert for the planet open to the general public on Wednesday, November 30 in the evening. A free musical evening, on the theme of commitment to the preservation of our planet and our ecosystems.

A red thread in 2022: How to innovate differently?

Since May 5, France lives on credit. The “overdraft day ”was reached in France, reminding us that if the whole world consumed like the French, it would take 2.9 planets to satisfy all our needs. Une donnée symbolique que permet de nous rappeler qu’il est urgent de transform en profondeur nos modèles, 50 ans après la parution du rapport Meadows et l’alert qu’il lançait sur les conséquences d’une croissance basée sur une exploitation infinie de nos natural resources. To do this, let’s innovate in another way. But how ?

The WIS team wishes to promote the interconnection of the challenges of all the actors and sectors of activity, to reintegrate and question the notion of progress in the concept of innovation in order to create a desirable and desirable future for our societies.

“Technological innovation is sometimes controversial and perhaps questioned when it does not contribute to meeting the goal of progress beyond technical prowess. This edition raises the question of how to think, integrate and combine sobriety and technological progress?
Between technological innovation and user innovation, let’s explore the levers to pivot our models and build a sustainable future!” says Nicolás Pereira, Founder and President of the World Impact Summit.

2 days dedicated to impacting professionals to accelerate change

At the heart of the event:

  • A program plenaries, contradictory debates, technical workshops, masterclasses, inspiring pitches and product demonstrations
  • an Exhibitors’ Village housing 300 innovations. Companies, startups, SMEs, large groups, associations and NGOs will present their solutions, among which demonstrations will be presented to the participants
  • an open stage with 30-minute debates, within the town, on topics not covered in the “official” program. Its objective is to provide avenues for reflection on topics to be addressed in future editions.
  • coffee meetings : Informal discussion groups dedicated to the fields of action of collectives, networks and associations, local or national.
  • WIS INVEST: a meeting between funders and carriers of impact projects. In 2021, 100 positive impact project leaders that respond to territorial issues met with 30 funders. During previous editions of the WIS, many associations were created between local ecosystems (incubators, accelerators, etc.) specialized in positive impact entrepreneurship (Le Campement, La Ruche, ATIS, Bordeaux Technowest).
  • pre-qualified professional meetings thanks to a btob digital platform

A reading grid of the program will be proposed from three angles: UNDERSTAND – MEASURE – ACT

  • Understand = know the challenges of climate change, scientific facts and future impacts on their value chains in the short, medium and long term
  • Measure = accurately calculate the negative externalities of your activities so you know where to prioritize your efforts
  • Act = promote the application of new solutions adapted to your transition challenges

The reveal of the FIFG/WIS 2022 barometer

For the second consecutive year, Nicolás PEREIRA will announce the results of the IFOP/WIS 2022 survey on 2 topics at a press conference:

%u2011 Employees and environmental protection within the company

%u2011 French and eco-responsible finance (What are the priority issues for responsible investors? What is the place of environmental impact in investment decisions?…)

The dynamics of the SIO to follow throughout the year

Deployment of new content

– Informal times: Afterwork WIS Invest scheduled for July 7 in Bordeaux

– The WIS Live: live or face-to-face discussion on a topic to be explored during the WIS

– Call for projects with the possibility of winning an exhibition space at the event

#WISolutions #WIS2022

[1] The WIS attracts 40 countries including in Europe: Germany, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the United Kingdom; in Africa: Algeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Congo, Gabon, Mali, Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Turkey; in Asia: China; in the Americas: Canada, Colombia and the United States.

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