The UK wants to limit the right to strike only to cases where negotiations have failed

So what wage strikes have been on the rise for months in the country in the face of record inflation, the British Chancellor of the Exchequer, Kwasi Kwarteng, announced on Friday 23 September that the government would limit the right to strike to cases where negotiations between unions and employers “truly failed”.

“We will legislate to force unions to present wage offers [faites par les employeurs] to the vote of its members. before they can go on strike, explained Mr Kwarteng during a budget presentation to the British Parliament. Is about “ensure that strikes can only be called once negotiations have actually broken down”told British MPs.

The Finance Minister also announced the Government’s intention to establish a minimum service for “prevent unions from paralyzing the transport network”as they already do “other European countries”was justified.

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Multiplication of strike movements.

The previous Conservative government had already introduced a law authorizing the use of temporary workers to replace striking employees. It aroused the ire of many unions, who announced legal action against the measure earlier this week.

Railway workers, but also postal workers, longshoremen, criminal lawyers or garbage collectors have multiplied strike movements since June, but several unions had decreed a pause in their movements during the period of national mourning after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Movements are picking up again against inflation at the highest level in forty years across the Channel, at 9.9% y/y in August, the highest in the G7.

A train drivers’ strike is due to resume in early October, while dockworkers at the English port of Felixstowe are planning a new week-long strike between late September and early October because their case has not been won. August.

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