The UK is still important after Brexit too

Opinions on Brexit are divided and this is also reflected in the investigation of the Banking Circle. While a third (30%) of companies are no longer able to purchase certain UK products and services due to Brexit, half (50%) of companies indicate that it does not bother them. For 33 per cent of companies, Brexit is not a reason to trade less with the UK in the future.

“There is a clear division in the results,” said Marcus Yarbug, Head of Benelux Sales at Banking Circle. This is likely due to the impact Brexit has on organizations. Brexit requires some kind of adjustment on the part of all parties. However, these adjustments will be more drastic for some organizations than others. At Banking Circle we make sure that international payments are as simple as possible. This saves companies a lot of time and effort and means they don’t have to factor in the higher costs as a result of Brexit. ”

Although Brexit brings many changes and uncertainty, a large number of companies indicate that they are prepared for it to some extent. For example, half (50%) of companies indicate that they know exactly what impact Brexit will have on their business operations. At the same time, 61 percent of companies choose to adapt their business operations to Brexit.

The survey was conducted among 337 managers employed by companies doing business with UK companies. While some fear losing customers as a result of Brexit, nearly half (45%) of businesses indicate they are not concerned about this.

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