The Tesla Cybertruck imagined as a police vehicle

Preview of a Tesla Cybertruck for the police // Image: Oracle

Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle and former Tesla board member, just unveiled a Cybertruck configured for police. He took advantage of the CloudWorld Conference 2023 to present what he imagines will be the “ future vehicle of choice for law enforcement “.

This is a priori a serious project. Larry Ellison, a big fan of Tesla and especially the Cybertruck, can imagine using the brand’s electric pick-up as “ new generation police vehicle “. The former member of the board of directors of Tesla and founder of Oracle took advantage of a presentation of new technological solutions for law enforcement to present this version of the Cybertruck.

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Here’s a Cybertruck designed specifically for law enforcement. Larry Ellison asserts that “ This new generation police car will be launched very soon. It’s my favorite police car. In fact, it’s my favorite car, period. It is also Elon’s favorite car. She is amazing “. Aware of having information that the general public does not yet have, he continues to specify that “ Some elements have not been revealed yet, but I can tell you that it is revolutionary. “.

Tesla finds a place in police workshops

The head of Oracle seems very serious about deploying a new system that would turn the Tesla Cybertruck into a police vehicle. He specifies that Oracle intends to use certain elements of the pickup to deploy its software: in particular the screen and cameras. Oracle has already deployed its technologies in other Tesla police vehicles in California. This is the case of the Model Y that joined the ranks of law enforcement this summer.

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In the United Kingdom, police also carried out tests with a Tesla Model 3. At the time, the British government explained that the Model 3 represented “ a good opportunity for a transition to electricity According to Max Toozs-Hobson, commercial director of emergency services, the 3 can travel up to 320 kilometers in emergency conditions. Tesla vehicles are increasingly popular with authorities.

In general, electric vehicles are finding a place in police garages. They are considered less expensive and perfect for patrolling. The Somerset Police Department was one of the first police departments to purchase a Tesla Model Y in the United States. Therefore, in the future, the Cybertruck could become the new vehicle of choice for police.

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