The sci-fi series with the biggest time-travel mystery since Dark starts tomorrow on Netflix

This series actually has everything to become Netflix’s next big hit: a murder mystery, an epic story, and all that with a time travel plot. The bodies come from Great Britain and starts this week on the streaming service. We give you a review of everything that awaits you.

Brilliant sci-fi concept: What is Bodies about?

Bodies may seem like an episode of Tatort at first, but then comes the time travel twist and suddenly the series seems like just another one. Mix of Dark, Cloud Atlas and Looper.

Become bodies four researchers from different eras facing a murder case. In each of the four eras, the body of the same man appears in exactly the same place on Longharvest Lane in the London borough of Whitechapel.

Bodies takes place in the following years:

  • 1890
  • 1941
  • 2023
  • and in the future of the year 2053

Each inspector is alone and must first discover who or what is behind the mysterious ritual murder. But to find answers, they must find a way to communicate with each other across time and distance.

How do you know the cast of Bodies?

Shira Haas and Stephen Graham in Bodies

The best-known Bodies actress is Shira Haas, who made her breakthrough in 2020 with the drama series Unorthodox (also on Netflix). She plays the important investigator. Iris Maplewood, a commissioner from the future London of 2053.

Kyle Soller caused a stir last year with his appearance as an Imperial apparatus subordinate in the acclaimed Star Wars series Andor. He plays 1890s investigator Alfred Hillingshead. Also present is character actor Stephen Graham (Snatch). The idea for Bodies comes from Paul Tomalin.

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When does Bodies start and how many episodes are there?

The bodies begin the following thursday (October 19) on Netflix. The streaming service publishes them all 8 episodes simultaneously on the platform.

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